Small Business

When you run your own business, a lot rests on your shoulders:

  • Business debts
  • Running costs
  • Employees wages

They all depend on your ability to keep working. Then there are your household expenses and most importantly your family. With your family’s financial security so closely linked to your business, you need to think about what would happen if something happened to you.

Keep the business running

Key person cover provides funds to pay expenses and debts or replace lost revenue to keep a business financially stable.

Succession planning

Buy/Sell arrangements facilitate the transfer of the business to the remaining owners

Protect person and family

Ensure money is available to pay personal expenses.

Strategies for your business

  • Debt Repayment strategies can help ensure your existing debts are repaid.
  • If a Key Employee dies or becomes totally and permanently disabled, an insurance policy can help cover the financial impact to your business.
  • To help you cope with a significant reduction in turnover, your fixed business expenses – like rent, non-income producing staff wages and electricity – can be covered.
  • By taking out life insurance on yourself and a business partner, you can ensure a buy/sell agreement is triggered if something happens to either of you.

Strategies for your family

  • You can protect your family’s lifestyle by covering against the loss of your income.
  • You can cover yourself, your spouse and your child against increased medical expenses.
  • Personal debt protection can ensure your family is not left with unaffordable debt if you can’t work again.

Complete Financial Planning can assist you with your Business Insurances needs:
Key Person Insurance, Business Expense Cover, Buy/Sell Insurance.