5 Step Process

The aim is to ensure that you have a quality experience and achieve your overall goals.

Step 1

Discovery Meeting

This is an introduction to our services and advice process. We complete a questionnaire to gather personal and financial information from you about your current situation. We discuss your goals, objectives, attitude toward investment risk and possible solutions.

Step 2

Research and Analysis

If both parties elect to proceed, we will sign an agreement to allow us to create a Financial Plan. We then go away and research and analyse your current situation and then compare different strategies and products.  We use this to formulate our recommendations.

Step 3


We host a meeting to present your strategy and product recommendations (Financial Plan). The plan will restate your objectives and agreed risk profile and outline the recommendations we have made for you and our reasons why.

Step 4

Implement Plan

If you are happy with the recommendations, you will sign an authority to proceed and we will then commence the implementation of our recommendations. This involves processing all the paperwork, setting-up any new policies, following up on all paperwork and liaising with existing and current providers.

Step 5

Monitor & Review

We meet with clients on an annual or biannual basis depending on their needs. A regularly review ensures the advice remains relevant with your needs and changing circumstances. We use these meetings to make sure that you are on track to reaching your goals and objectives.